Plans That Work For You

we offer a range of plans to suit your church’s needs and budget. Discounts are available for quarterly and annual billing cycles

All Plans Include


Website Templates

Every plan comes with access to our full line of website templates, and you’ll have access to any new ones we create as well

Video Tutorials

You will have access to a full library of short video tutorials that show you everything you need to know to build a great site.

Essential Plugins

We preinstall a selection of some of the most popular and useful plugins for WordPress.

Unlimited pages

We don’t put a page limit on your account, so you can create the content you need without worrying about making it fit

Automated updates

We automate the process of updating the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Responsive Website

All of our websites are mobile friendly out of the box.  There is no need to create separate mobile-friendly sites

SSL Certificate

All data is encrypted between the server and the visitor’s browser, using SSL certificates, so visitors can browse safely.

Online Giving

All of our packages include an online giving platform which makes it simple for you receive donations through your website.

Data Storage

Your church website’s data will be kept on our secure data center in Atlanta, Georgia. The servers are secure and offer redundancy.
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*Issues caused by 3rd party plugins may not be supported by our support staff. Reputable developers will provide support for issues related to their software.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account during that period, we will refund your full purchase price.


MyChurch Extranet

With MyChurch extranet, your church will have a section of your website which will be restricted to signed in, approved members.  Here, you can post sensitive or administrative information that may not be appropriate for public consumption. Information like church directories and facitly bookings are available to your church family.  Roles can be assigned to allow specific people access to specific information.


Recurring Donations

Go one step further in streamlining giving by allowing your donors to setup pre-authorized recurring donations on their credit card.

Event Booking

A great solution for events at your church which may have limited space or an assoicated fee, such as conferences, concerts, fellowship breakfasts, etc.  Collect payment and build your guest list on your site.

Events Calendar

View all your upcoming events in monthly or weekly view, with all the relevant information.  Our premium event calendar allow you to set and forget recurring events like Sunday services.

Email Addresses

Each package comes with a number of email addresses.  If your church is a member of Techsoup, we can help you get setup with unlimited email addresses using Google’s G-Suite.

Want to use our service, but cannot currently afford t do so?

If RevWeb Online is a good fit for your church or ministry, but at the moment, you are unable to afford our service, you may apply to use our service for free.