Design Audit

If you want one of our team to examine your page(s) and make suggestions on how the design can be improved, we can help. We can send you a report or we can make the changes for you.   


On-Page SEO

It can be important to optimize the content on your site so that it can be easily indexed and understood by web crawlers from search engines.  We can help you make sure your pages adhere to best practices.   


Speed Optimization

Part of a really great user experience is making sure that your pages load quickly.  We can help you turn slow and bloated pages into lean and speedy ones. Warp Speed Mr. Sulu.   


Logo Design

A logo is a really important part of your visual identity.  If you don’t have the knowledge or tools to design in vector graphics, they can represent a real challenge.  Let one of our team help you with a sharp looking logo.


Premium Calendar Upgrade

For those on our basic package, we can offer the upgrade from our basic calendar to the premium calendar.  The premium calendar takes care of repeating events, and can even let you sell tickets to events.  $60/yr


Social Setup

We can help you set up social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.  We can link them to your site, and add feeds from them to your website.


Google non-profit admin

If you are a registered charity, we can help you enroll in the Google for non-profit program, which gives you access to G-Suite email platform, Google Business Apps, and Google Ad Grants (up to $10k/mo in free AdWords advertising for your organization). We can enroll you and manage your accounts as needed.


Web Security+

We offer a premium security package which gives you a web application firewall, along with automated malware scanning and removal, for added peace of mind. 25.95/mo. Learn More

Get an Estimate

If you would like to get an estimate for any of the services listed above or to inquire about additional services, click below, and send us a message.

pricing on add-ons cannot be assessed on a one-size-fits-all basis. The time it takes to complete individual tasks may vary on your requirements.  We would be happy to give you an estimate for any services you need.