Scholarship Subscriptions

For Small Churches & Church Plants



We realize that not every church has the means to pay the subscription fees for our service, and it is our desire to put our faith into action.  As such, churches who are unable to afford the price of our service may apply for a scholarship subscription.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship subscription, please fill out the the application form on this page.  Please only do so if you are an authorized representative of the church or ministry for which you are applying.

Scholarship Subscriptions can only be offered on the Basic plan, and must be renewed each calendar year.  If you need add-on services, they may be purchased at regular price.

We do ask that as a scholarship subscriber that you do your best to help us get the word out about our service, so we can grow our business and to continue to have a positive impact in God’s Kingdom and the global church.

Once we receive your application, one of our staff will be in touch via phone or email, and if approved, we’ll get you setup with an account.


We'd love to hear about how RevWeb could benefit your Church or Ministry